About us

Atulit Enterprises is located in Bangalore, India. The company’s niche competence is that the product promoters’ have over 20 years of experience in manufacture & marketing of Medical devices. The vision of becoming the biggest healthcare hospital & allied products company is sought to be achieved through market research & strategic alliances. Our initial focus will be in categories like wound closure & wound healing. Our aim is to provide better healthcare products to professionals & hospitals to heal the world.

We continuously seek to provide answers to the biggest challenges faced by the Industry through a dedicated R&D facility with a focus on development of high value devices. The most powerful engine of our success will be our superior & diversified range of products, differentiated business model, our ability to thrill our customers through technology, our people & the commitment to orient our culture around values. “Customer’s success is our success” is one of our core values.


Our core device business is strategically “full range of product segment” with some of them IP driven product licensing, marketing & distribution partnership across the globe. We have created an exhaustive pipeline of devices across varied formats & domains.

Our efforts are focused on automation across manufacturing, laboratory, marketing & distribution. Our high end manufacturing facility is coming up over 25,000 sft will have approvals from leading global regulatory authorities. The facility will be an integrated with technology, automation & processes to create a rewarding & conducive environment for quality & compliance.

We would increase the data led governance mechanisms to lead continuous improvement in our systems & processes. Risk management will be a key element to address the customers & investor concerns.


The company wishes to market diverse range of medical devices, some manufactured & some through partnerships.

Atulit Enterprises of best in class Surgical Sutures, Skin Staplers, Hernia Mesh, Topical Skin Adhesives etc. We continually seek excellence in providing answers to some of medicine’s toughest questions.

Atulit Enterprises diverse products which are used in various specialties in different surgeries. One can count on us for the various product solutions.

It is our commitment that we always ensure delivering best in class products to our healthcare professionals.

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